BAD DRIP Labs Ugly Butter 60ml

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 Ugly Butter Ejuice by Bad Drip Labs takes your vape taste buds on a journey with a flavor only a mother could love, bursting with fragrant clouds of freshly fried dough topped with decadent cinnamon sugar and gooey banana pudding!

Bottle Size: 60ml 

VG/PG : 75/25 

Full Flavor Description

Indulge in the sweet and ugly truth that everything fried is so damned delicious! Feast on sweet mounds of buttery dough, fried to a golden brown in the bowels of a horrendous dragon. As the dragon burps his fiery rage, the dough shoots out of his nostrils in blobs of disgustingly sweet dessert! Handfuls of sticky cinnamon sugar adorn this sweet fried creation, enhancing it’s delicate and soft gooey texture. As a final abysmal touch, freshly whipped banana pudding with a creamy consistency get plopped atop this truly ghastly dessert, creating a weirdly delicious blend of sweet and creamy flavors! So go ahead, dive headfirst into a pile of soft and hot fried dough, layered with creamy banana pudding and sweet cinnamon sugar.

Bad Drip Labs has labored long to produce a concoction of flavors that are ripe to the nostrils and sweet to the cloud chaser. Instead of stumbling blindly through a myriad of attractive flavors, pick the flavor voted “Least Likely To Win A Beauty Contest”, and surprise your vape taste buds with how truly delicious Ugly Butter from Bad Drip Labs can be!

Ugly Butter —Банановый пудинг с корицей. Плотная выпечка. Хороший банановый пудинг с мощной корицей.