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"NEW Kayfun X 2022"

What makes a really good rebuildable atomizer? This is exactly the question we have

spent the last 10 years crafting answers that have proven themselves in the real world.

The Kayfun X builds on that experience and brings together the best solutions of our MTL

Atomizers of the last decade with trendsetting new functions.

The features at a glance:

[NEW!] AEROKON Airflow Control

[NEW!] “CCS” filling mechanism for quick and easy refilling

[NEW!] Engraving and opening direction freely positionable

[NEW!] PSU window

PEEK insulator

Internal Airflow Control (continuously)

316L stainless steel

510 connector

Serial number for authentication

Easy assembly and maintenance

Premium quality "Made in Germany"

Aerokon AFC

For the Kayfun X, the atomizer base has been completely revised and equipped with a new airflow control.

The AEROKON Airflow Control is the first system for MTL tank evaporators that does not restrict the air flow at the entrance of the air duct, but only directly below the coil. This creates an acceleration in the air flow on the coil, which is delivered more evenly.

Better performance on MTL setups

  • Better taste
  • Optimized vapor saturation
  • Quiet
  • Sealed 510 connector

Filling with “CCS” mechanism

This is how fast and easy filling has become:


Pull up the top cap until you feel 2 clicks - the second click closes the liquid channels within the same movement

Press against the engraving to push the top cap aside and reveal the filling port

Fill up - Seal - Done

Position the logo and opening direction freely

The Top cap will always slide in the direction where the engraved logo sits. If you want to align it perfectly with the mod, you only have to pull up the Atomizer until you feel a click, then turn it to the desired position and lock it again.

What is PSU?

Polysulfones are a class of high-performance thermoplastics. They are known for their toughness and stability at high temperatures. They are also used in the medical area of applications.

Other properties are:

  • temperature resistant
  • chemical resistance
  • durability
  • biocompatible
  • physiologically harmless

Scope of delivery:

1x Kayfun X

1x Kayfun X - Spare Kit

Airflow: 0mm - 1,8mm, continuously

product category: Atomizer

Airflow Control: internal

Color: stainless steel

Filling: Top Fill

Material: PEEK, POM, PSU, stainless steel

Surface: brushed

Tank Volume: 4ml

diameter: 24 mm