QWEET Mesh Disposable 2500 Puffs

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QWEET 2500 PUFFS DISPOSABLE VAPE Swiss 🇨🇭quality and great taste.This is a new level in Disposable e-cigarettes. Forget everything you knew and tried before. QWEET 2500 with new Mesh Coils and Battery 1100 mAh what gives you 2500 True Puffs without loss of taste. 10 amazing flavors:

🫐🧊Blueberry Ice

🍉🧊Lush ice

🍓🥝Strawberry Kiwi

🍒🍓🫐Mixed Berries

🍍🧊Pineapple Ice

🍋🍊Lemon, Orange, MINT


🥭Soul Mango

כמות שאיפות: 2500 

נוזלים ברמה גבוהה עם 2% ניקוטין 

טעמים 10 

סוללה עוצמתית של 1100 מ״א! 

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