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VCT Coconut by Ripe Vapes Salts 30ml 

Do you enjoy a bit of the tropics while you sit back and vape away? If so, you’re gonna enjoy this perfect  flavored vacation without having to leave your home. How, you might ask? By vaping away on VCT Coconut by Ripe Vapes Salts 30ml. This wonderful e liquid allows you to experience a trifecta of flavors that will have you feeling relaxed and in pure paradise.

The inhale offers up a smoky and sightly cured tobacco taste that will have you in a state of bliss. Next the creamy Coconut gently wakes up your palate as if you’re indulging in the real thing. Finally, on the exhale, pure vanila washes over the tongue that satisfies until the next pull.

This vape juice from Ripe Vape comes in a 30ml bottle with a balanced throat hit blend for some added vaping enjoyment.

VCT Strawberry by Ripe Vapes SALTS 30ml 

There’s a classic duo that never seems to get old. Do you know what that is? It’s strawberries and vanilla custard of course. Just the thought of that berry dipped in pure creaminess makes our mouths simply water. Now, what if you can enjoy that same great taste, but only this time, mixed in with tobacco, whenever you wanted? Well, now you can with VCT Strawberry by Ripe Vapes SALTS 30ml.

That fine tobacco flavor is the first thing to make an impact as you start to inhale. Next, ripened strawberries allow you to get a nice dose of succulent and tangy notes. Once both flavors have found their mark, the exhale brings forth that silky smooth and oh-so creamy custard delight.

This vape juice from Ripe Vape Handcrafted Salts comes in a 30ml bottle and has a balanced ratio, allowing for some nice and smooth throat hit production.

Ripe Vape Salts – VCT Bold 30ml

Most of us out there know the feeling when we made that initial switch from smoking to vaping. Those cravings in the beginning were a bit hard to control. However, for some of us, they still can be a bit of challenge at times. Luckily, there’s an e liquid that certainly brings a lot to the table in terms of classic tobacco  which is also slightly creamy. VCT Bold by Ripe Vapes Salts 30ml is exactly what most vapers have been looking for.

Inhale that pure and straightforward tobacco taste followed by a purely creamy blast on the exhale.

This vape juice from Ripe Vape comes in a 30ml bottle with an even creamier 50/50 VG/PG raito that delivers a good hit to the throat every time.

Ripe Vape Salts – VCT 30ml

Ripe Vapes Handcrafted Salts provides a smooth form of nicotine with delicious flavors in a convenient package. Not for sub-ohm use.

Flavor: VCT – This sophisticated flavor is sure to leave you desiring more. Sweet and sexy vanilla up front, with a rich finish of tobacco.

Ripe Vape Salts – VCT Chocolate 30ml

Are you craving the ultimate taste of something so rich a creamy, just thinking about it makes you go mad? Well, you’re not alone. Mix in those cravings with tobacco cravings and you might be going a bit off the wall. Well, we have the perfect e liquid in stock that will allow you to take back control. VCT Chocolate by Ripe Vapes SALTS 30ml delivers in more ways than one.

First, the inhale allows for that bold tobacco flavor to make it’s away around the palate. Next, pure dark chocolate notes instantly hit your sweet tooth. As both flavors begin to intensify, the exhale allows that vanulla  to do its thing for a bonus dosage of pure richness.

This vape juice from Ripe Vape  comes in a 30ml bottle with an even richer and creamier throat hit base.

Package Contents Include:

  • 5 x 30ml bottle of VCT by Ripe Vapes Salts

VG/PG: 50/50