Pluscig V10 Heating Kit 900mAh (Iqos Compatible)

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Say hello to the new electronic cigarette - Pluscig V10 heating kit 900mAh, and enjoy the new style and new life. The Pluscig V10 heating kit is powered by large 900mAh built-in battery which can be fully charged in 2-3 hours. And the Pluscig V10 heating device can support 15sticks by a single charge. Moreover, The Pluscig V10 possesses high-end main chip. if there is no operation within 10 minutes, Pluscig V10 will shut down automatically.


1. Heat-no-Burn device

2. Portable and pen style body

3. Unique matt and shine

4. 15 tobacco sticks by single charge

5. High-end main chip-full protection

6. Fast heating with 5-7 seconds

7. Auto power off without operation in 10min

Brand: Pluscig

Unit: 1 Set

Battery: 900mAh

Support: 15 sticks

Smoking time: 3.5min

Product size: 136 * 14 * 14mm

Charging time: 2-3H

Material: stainless steel+Peek

Tobacco stick: IQOS compatible

Package: Gift Box

Each set contain:

1pc battery body

1pc Micro USB charger

1pc Cotton swabs

1pc Cleaning brush

1pc Manual

1pc Warranty Card