Charlie's Aunt Meringue 50ml

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Pachamama Aunt Meringue comes from the legendary juice crafters at Charlie’s Chalk Dust. 

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a based on a visionary and his life story to create recipes of profound taste that blows competitors away. Based out of California, Charlie’s Chalk Dust e liquid is about the dream of one man and his recipes, serving all vape patrons the flavors that he hand-crafted. Beautifully crafted bottles, branding and marketing have made Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-Liquid a household name for vapers across the US.

Aunt Meringue – Aunt Meringue is treating is to her famous dessert. Sliced apples under a layer of creamy meringue baked over a golden fluffy crust!

VG/PG: 70/30