New Original Taifun® GT IV - DLC Edition

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Features Taifun GT IV

 - diameter 25 mm, height 52 mm (without DripTip)

 - Food materials (stainless steel 1.4301 and PEEK)

 - New duct system through the poles in the chamber with adjustable AFC outside (individual flow to the coil through one of the two or both poles is possible)

 - Limited traction outdoors to M2L (with optional accessories)

 - Multi-core adapters (6 pcs.) Provide easy installation of the winding with simultaneous versatility (optimization with a single coil, double, but possible).

 - intuitive fluid control can be installed externally

 - Top filling without removing the lid

 - interchangeable fuel options

 Taifun GTIV DLC EDITION fully complies with Taifun GT IV with two deviations

 - Own serial number and a link to the DLC version at the bottom of the evaporator

 - DripTip Nugget in Delivery State

 Special Taifun GT IV DLC Release Information

 All externally visible surfaces of the evaporator are completely covered. Due to manufacturing reasons, it cannot be ruled out that insulated internal surfaces, especially with LC / AFC rings, may not be completely or even coated. Rainbow effects may also occur. These deviations may also be different for identical components, but do not represent any violations.

 Connection thread 510 and wire holders were clearly protected during coating. Coverage here has not been removed, as is often the case.

 ATTENTION: Taifun GT IV is not intended for use on purely hybrid fur mods. The positive pole is not regulated and must not be released for this purpose.

 Scope of delivery: 1 x Taifun GT IV, 1.3 mm Allen key case for spare parts and instruction manual.