Dicodes CS1 Charging Station

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Dicodes CS1 Charging Station

The Dicodes CS1 charging station is an intelligent and practical device for charging the battery installed inside a Dicodes Dani Box (V1 & V2), Dani Box Mini, or No.6. The kit includes inlays for each of the models including one for the Stabwood Dani Box which has its port in a slightly different place to the original Dani Box.

The CS1 charging station is capable of a charging up to 2 amps so your cell will be topped up much faster than using most external chargers on the market. Power is supplied to the charging station by means of the included 2A wall plug or you can connect it via a micro USB cable (not included). If you wish to plug it into a powered USB port the CS1 will detect the supplied current and adjust accordingly to protect your port or wall adapter from overload. The large LCD screen shows relevant information including charge current, battery voltage, charge level, source current and errors where applicable.


2 amp intelligent charging

Changeable inlay system for cross compatibility

LCD screen with auto dimming backlight

Wall adapter power supply (supplied with worldwide adapters)

Robust spring contacts

Two year warranty on the electronics*

Made in Germany


Dicodes CS1 charging station

5 x separate inlays (Dani Box V1/V2, Dani Box Mini, Dani Box 21700, No6, and the original Stabwood Dani Box)

Worldwide wall adapter


Width: 100mm

Length: 93mm

Height: 25mm


Two year warranty covering manufacturing faults within the electronic components only. Damaging or opening the charger casing will void the warranty.

Note: there is not currently a compatible inlay for the Dicodes Dani Box Stabwood V3. It is expected to be available in early 2020.