Ben Northon Tobacco Road Five 60ml

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The Road Five is based on the light flavour of a classic, typically American blond. It has an aromatic balance with notes of malt, a coppery note and a firm body. Pleasant like the original.

The hooves of Black Horse choed from north to south, free from any obstacle. The city was only a blur, far behind. We rode nonchalantly on the strip of ocher and clay, lazy under the midday sun. Then suddenly, along the edge of the road, rose this peaceful vision for planting tobacco, and a homestead. That’s where my first fragrance comes from. A bitter, vegetal taste, an ode to the road and to the land of promises. Ben Northon brings you the e-liquid Road Five

The e-liquid Ben Northon Road Five is based on a mild blond Tobacco flavor, one you might imagine as typically American as it calls to mind sand, earth, and wind. It strikes a perfect aromatic balance – with a malty, brassy top note and an assertive body – that highlights a tobacco with personality and a long, bracing finish. As pleasurable as it is original.

Volume 60ml 

Balance 50VG / 50PG

Made in France