Ben Northon Tobacco Black Horse 60ml

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A powerful and complex high-class classic. A sensation of sun-dried leaves, warm and woody notes.

I remember our first ride. He pitched up, I fell off the saddle. A proud and wild thoroughbred. Since then, I’ve never truly mastered him. Peer to peer, we travel plateaus and valleys, his cadence became mine. I created a vape for my old friend from our days of wanderings and adventures. A tribute to his coat : powerful and black.

Ben Northon brings you the vape juice flavor of Black Horse. The first taste of this powerful toasted tobacco offers the sensation of leaves drying in the sun. After this direct and distinctive beginning, the length persists with a warm and woodsy sensation, finishing long and exceptional in the mouth. The resonance and brightness of the flavors in the throat characterize this high-class tobacco.

Volume 60ml 

Balance 50VG / 50PG

Made in France