Aromatherapy Vapetasia Melons 100ml

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Melons E-Juice by Vapetasia

With so many unforgettable releases from Vapetasia over the years, it’s hard to downplay their incredible influence over the vaping industry as we know it today. The award-winning brand has captivated us with one memorable flavor profile after another, and continues, to this day, to find new ways to excite our taste buds. With their most recent line of e-liquids, they’ve crafted more stripped-down flavor profiles, relying on the natural-tasting notes of our favorite fresh fruits.

Melons is a prime example of this brand’s mastery over even the most simple-sounding e-juices. A variety of juicy melons collide, like freshly squeezed nectars from watermelons, honeydews, and cantaloupes being blended together to perfection. Every puff is downright rejuvenating in its flavor, which boasts more complexity than one would anticipate.