Aromatherapy Vapetasia Blue Raz 100ml

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Vapetasia remains among the most respected, distinguished, and well-regarded e-juice crafters within the vaping industry. From delectable desserts to fresh fruit flavors, their exceptional offerings have been relished by vapers from around the globe. Blue Razz is one of Vapetasia’s most recent concoctions, and an intoxicating flavor that you will love with each draw.

Blue Razz E-Juice by Vapetasia is a mouthwatering flavor that is perfect in every way. Every puff of this delight floods the taste buds with the sweet and tangy taste of blue raspberries. Flawlessly balanced, Blue Razz makes for the ideal all-day-vape.

If you are a fan of delicious fruit blends, Blue Razz E-Juice by Vapetasia should be at the top of your list.