Ripe Vapes Strawberry Freez 60ml

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Strawberry Freez By Ripe Vapes Synthetic Nic 60ml 

What’s the one type of fruit that is naturally sweet, it’s usually too good to pass up? Before you answer, what if there was a way to include some additional chilly menthol in order to get the most out of it? Ripe Vapes has done just that with Strawberry Freez By Ripe Vapes Synthetic Nic 60ml. This E-Liquid seems as though it was made to lift vapers’ spirits and rejuvenate their senses at the same time.

Inhale those succulent strawberries, slamming into your palate at an intense pace. With your mouth now watering, nothing but ice lingers on the tongue when you begin to slowly exhale.

Strawberry Freez vape juice from Ripe Vapes Synthetic Nic comes in a medium-sized bottle allows for some flavorful fog.

What are you waiting for? Take in a few pulls of amazingly fresh fruitiness and iciness today.

Package Contents Include: 

1 x 60ml bottle of Strawberry Freez By Ripe Vapes Synthetic Nicotine

VG/PG: 75/25

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Menthol