REALLEAF One-Hitter 0.25gr

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What Is A Smoke Pipe One Hitter?

The blue Real leaf One Hitter is a light smoke pipe that you can use to smoke cannabis, herbal blends, and pretty much anything and everything.

Did you know cannabis smoking is done best with one-hitter?

I know it seems unbelievable but it saves so much of your energy.

You do not have to roll every time.

With every session of one-hitter, you can at least get seven cushes provided you fill the glass pipe properly. 

The pretty blue one-hitter will always remind you of the sky.

The best part about this one-hitter is that it is so compact and easy to carry. It is 0.25 grams and it weighs nothing.


How To Use A Smoke Pipe One Hitter?

You all must be wondering how to use the smoke pipe.

No worries, we got you sorted.

You just have to crush your blends and fill it in the glass pipe.

You just have to be definite that the smoking blends are packed tightly so it does not fall off when used horizontally. 

Voila! Ready to smoke.

You just have to light up the end and start smoking.

It is mostly used for smoking cannabis blends. And trust us, it is genuinely the easiest way to smoke.


How To Clean A Smoke Pipe One Hitter?

For cleaning the one-hitter, you need things a plastic sealable bag or container, rubbing alcohol, salt, warm water.

You can begin by putting the one-hitter bat in rubbing alcohol in a plastic container.

Put a few drops of warm water and let it soak for at least 30 to 60 minutes.

For the best results, you can leave it overnight as because of the heating of the pipe some burnt residue can stick to the smoke pipe.

Once, the dirt is cleared out you can rub it clean with some warm water.

Ha! Your one-hitter is ready to use.