OG CLOUDS Blueberry Flavor Shot 25 ml + 75ml base

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DIY KIT OG  Blueberry Flavor 

נוזל בטעם אוכמניות

Blueberry flavored liquid

Черника - Свежая сочная черника 

 Volume  25ml +75ml=100 ml

Balance 70VG 30PG 

 The kit includes one bottle of 25ml flavor shot, and one bottle of 100 ml filled 75ml base inside (with or without nicotine).

You can choose the flavor shot, and the nicotine level you want.

To make the ejuice:

1. Open the 100ml bottle.
2. Pour the 25ml flavor shot inside 100ml bottle.
3. Close the 100ml bottle with cap and shake well.