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Honeydew apple berry - if you've ever been to a garden then you may be slightly aware of the distinct aura that surrounds it. Fresh sweet smelling fruit, lush green grasses, and the twinkle of the sun all come together to leave a warm lingering feeling in the cranny of your heart. Honeydew Apple Berry Trio combines the magic of the garden and the warmness of summer for a vape juice that is selfishly satisfying. There a different kind of experience to be explored when vaping to this. It's not just the clouds but also the authentic deliciousness of fruit that gets to be experienced. Refreshing honeydew melon is mixed with a fountain of crisp apples then doused heavily with the summery deliciousness of freshly picked berries. Word has it that this could be the most delectable trio to hit vape world and we have no reason to object. Honeydew Apple Berry by Trio E Liquid shows every potential of being a seasoned vapers staple. Extreme saccharine is substituted with the mild deliciousness of fruit. Now you can have sugar without worrying about going over the top. If you've not indulged in a visit to the juice bar in a while, this vape juice might as well be a close contender. It comes with the promise of refreshing satisfaction. If you've nursed the fantasy of falling asleep in an orchard flanked by apples and natures sweetest berries, now might be the chance to savor that dream. Every inhale is packed with complete flavor. 

Bottle size: 60ml

PG/VG Ratio: 70%VG / 30%PG

Made in USA (Texas)