BAD DRIP God Nectar 60ml

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God Nectar Ejuice by Bad Drip Labs lets you indulge in the nectar of the gods, as you feast on freshly gleaned passion fruit, dusky Colombian guava, and pure Floridian oranges!

Bottle Size: 60ml 

VG/PG : 75/25 

Full Flavor Description

Treat yourself to the nectar of the gods, with fresh fruit flowing in every juicy cloud! Feel the warm wave of flavor wash over your clouds in fruity sweetness, thanks to the holy trinity of fruits that come together in this divine nectar. First up, we have freshly picked passion fruit, the firm purple skin hiding the fleshy yellow-green sweetness on the inside. The juice of the passion fruit is coveted by many, and partaking of this holy fruit is considered an extremely high honor.

Next up, lush Floridian oranges are squeezed until every drop of pure orange juice is wrung from the peel. Even the rind sends out tantalizing scents of delicious citrus goodness, so set your taste buds onto this heavenly flavor. And finally, we have rich Colombian guava, the pale pink flesh covered by a thin light green rind. The guava is rolled in sweet sugar and pressed into cubes to allow for the freshest and purest flavor that could possibly exist in this delicious flavor. Lose yourself in the sweetness of the pure fruit trinity, featuring oranges, guava, and passion fruit in every cloud, thanks to God Nectar by Bad Drip!

God Nectar Ejuice by Bad Drip Labs —Экзотический микс из манго, гуавы, апельсина и маракуйи. Сочные тропики. Манго и гуава на вдохе и немного сладкого апельсина на послевкусии.