Aspire Vilter PB Powerbank Refill 1600mah

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The Vilter Powerbank is compatible with the Vilter and the new Vilter S. It has a Type C connection for fast charging, a full charge of your Vilter lasts only 40 minutes, and a LED that allows you to check the battery charge, recharge of the powerbank takes place via a USB C cable and takes 50 minutes for a complete recharge.

The front of the Vilter PB Powerbank is protected by a leather sleeve which makes the product even more elegant.

The solution we have all been waiting for is finally a reality.


Dimensions: 45.3x21.2x87mm

Weight: 66g

Battery: Integrated 1600mah

Compatible with VILTER and VILTER S


Vilter PB Powerbank

Type C cable

User Manual