Aromatherapy Vapetasia White Gummy 100ml

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Watermelon Gummy Iced E-Juice by Vapetasia

When it comes to icons of the vaping industry, few names spring to mind as immediately as Vapetasia. The award-winning e-liquid company has produced some of the most memorable flavor profiles in vaping history, and still continues to be at the top of the market thanks to a never-ending dedication to crafting new and magnificent flavors for vapers to savor all day long.

Watermelon Gummy proves that even simpler flavor profiles can be wonderfully complex when Vapetasia is the one crafting them. It offers a deeply nuanced watermelon gummy candy flavor that’s like a bouquet of sweet candied fruit notes, each captivating your palate simultaneously, with a sweetness that tastes extremely authentic. The addition of cold menthol runs through every cloud to exhilarate you at the same time.